Frequently Asked Questions

How many treatments does my tattoo need?

Most patients need 5 to 10 treatments to achieve complete ink clearance. Patients with already faded tattoos or older tattoos may see complete results after just 3 to 4 treatments. Because every tattoo and every individual is unique, there is no way to know the exact number of treatments needed without assessing the tattoo in person. Northeast Laser Tattoo Removal provides free consultations to examine your tattoo and best estimate the number of treatments you will need based on a variety of factors:

  • Age of tattoo

  • Size of tattoo

  • Location of tattoo

  • Tattoo ink colors

  • Ink density

  • Depth of ink

  • Quality of ink (professional vs. amateur)

  • Pre-existing scarring

  • Patient health


How long before I see complete removal of my tattoo?


Laser tattoo removal treatments are spaced a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks apart. This waiting period is necessary to give your skin enough time to heal before its next laser session. Because all patients heal at different rates, some may experience faster fading than others. We advise patients to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, and drink plenty of water to boost their immune system and promote faster fading.


How long are treatment sessions?


Unlike tattoo application, getting a tattoo removed takes a fraction of the time. Laser tattoo removal treatments can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes depending on the size of the tattoo being treated.


Are there any side effects?


The most common side effects patients experience are redness, swelling, itchiness, scabbing, blistering, and skin pigmentation changes. All of these side effects are temporary and heal naturally over the weeks following a treatment. As long as proper aftercare is applied, your skin will heal with flawless results.


How much does laser tattoo removal cost?


Northeast Laser Tattoo Removal offers affordable and competitive pricing. Our prices start as low as $79 and are customized to meet the needs of your unique tattoo. Pricing is per treatment and determined based on the size of your tattoo. We offer free consultations and tattoo assessments to determine the number of treatments you will need and figure out a pricing quote that fits your needs and budget. Treatment packages and promotional discounts are also provided.


Can you fade my tattoo for a cover-up?


Cover-up tattoos are a great solution for dealing with unwanted ink. However, cover-up tattoos often require twice the amount of ink to effectively conceal an existing tattoo. Laser tattoo removal can help fade a tattoo down to give a tattoo artist more flexibility with their design. Northeast Laser Tattoo Removal can also selectively remove a specific portion of a tattoo while leaving the surrounding ink unharmed.