Astanza Trinity

Three Wavelengths. Two Lasers.
One Powerful Solution for Tattoos.

The Astanza Trinity laser system combines the power of two lasers, the Duality and the Eternity, to give practitioners exceptional tools for treating unwanted tattoos. With 532nm, 694nm, and 1064nm wavelengths, high energy production, and a variety of beam improvements, the Astanza Trinity system can treat virtually any tattoo quickly, safely, and effectively.

The Trinity is the ideal choice for elite practices that want top-of-the-line technology to treat colorful inks, including resistant shades of blue and green.

By featuring two standalone lasers, the Trinity system provides unrivaled power and reliability – leading the laser industry as the ultimate three-wavelength laser technology solution.

Vemont Tattoo Removal Pain

The Zimmer Cryo


One of the biggest concerns about laser tattoo removal is the pain associated with the laser. Northeast Laser Clinic has

invested in the Zimmer Cryo to ease all patient fears of pain and discomfort.


The Zimmer Cryo is a noninvasive cooling technology that blows freezing cold air (at a temperature of -30ºC) at a high pressure directly onto the treatment site. It only takes a few minutes under this cold air to completely numb your skin and alleviate any discomfort.


The Zimmer Cryo is the golden standard of skin numbing solutions. This cooling device takes patient comfort and ease to a completely new level. Unlike ice packs and numbing creams that wear off within a few minutes, or numbing injections that require invasive application, the Zimmer Cryo delivers maximum comfort before, during, and after your treatment.


Furthermore, the Zimmer Cryo features a precision tip that gives more detailed and controlled air flow for smaller tattoos, or tattoos that only need a specific portion removed. As our laser technician performs the laser treatment, you are given the option to hold the Zimmer Cryo hose and direct the air flow yourself – giving you full control over your skin’s comfort.


Northeast Laser Tattoo Removal puts your need above all else! Ask about our skin numbing device during your consultation to learn more.